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Trans Day of Visibility 2022

A message from our Media & Communications Officer, Cameron Downing:

I am writing this one year on from my first TDOV post, feeling many mixed emotions on the subject. The hardships we face as a community have not changed in that short time, but neither has our strength nor our determination to survive.

We are, in Scotland, closer than ever to passing GRA Reform and ending the current outdated process required to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate, a painstaking process for most and for too many a fatal one.

However, as we draw nearer to the passing of meaningful legislation it is clear to see the increase in anti-trans rhetoric in the media, as well as the ramping up of bigoted campaigning from already active hate groups.

This constant attack on trans people has damaging effects beyond the hateful words, and in many cases costs lives. However I ask all of my fellow trans siblings and our allies to stay strong, and keep fighting for change, for we will win it.

Time will show who is on the right side of history, as it has so many times before in our ever evolving fight for LGBTQ+ rights. LGBTQ+ rights we would not have, had it not been for the fearless trans activists who came before us. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

Finally, I must again pay tribute to our beautiful late convenor Leeze who was so sadly taken from us in the last year. Her gentle soul is so truly missed, and I have never gotten used to losing the charm and wisdom she brought to the world, I doubt I ever will.