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International Women’s Day 2022

On International Women’s Day 2022, OFI stands with women worldwide, especially women who are part of the queer community, as women continue to fight for equal rights globally.

At this time many women are presently fleeing from the brutal war Russia is waging in Ukraine. In Russia, women’s rights are in dire straits with most forms of domestic violence having been decriminalised. The spectre of Russian occupation is therefore especially terrifying for women as a result.

The refugees, predominantly women, and many with children, are seeking sanctuary across Europe as their lives are severely disrupted. Armed conflict has historically upended the lives of women in affected areas, and we are seeing this once more.

On this IWD the UK government must do their duty to help Ukrainian women by welcoming refugees into the UK, and indeed women and others fleeing conflicts and other disasters from all across the world.

We at OFI will always stand with those fighting for justice, freedom and safety from the dangers and brutality of war and oppression worldwide.